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HyperLands has shut down

HyperLands, our beloved Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server, ceased operations on January 4th, 2024. This was a tough choice, directed by several factors. A significant decrease in our player base post-COVID lockdowns, along with growing time constraints as well as expenses, were the primary reasons leading to the server's shutdown.

Ever since its debut on August 12, 2018, HyperLands has grown beyond our wildest dreams, with over 3 million unique registered players and reaching peaks of over 2,000 players online simultaneously. Your continuous support and dedication have served as our motivation behind our tireless efforts to provide the best gaming experience.

We'd like to thank every player and supporter for being a part of this amazing journey. Your contributions have grown HyperLands into more than just a server, but a home, a part of your childhood, a vibrant community, and a legacy that will live on beyond its active period.

Even though this chapter is coming to an end, the spirit of HyperLands will always remain alive within us. And who knows what the future might hold? Time has a way of revealing new possibilities.